Are you willing to raise the Old English sheepdog in your home?

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The Old English sheepdog is a best consideration to the family who own the dog for the first time where this is because this dog holds the sweet and friendly nature. This dog gets along with the family members very soon than like other pets and due to its nature it is loved by the family members too. The old English sheepdog is very intelligent enough one, so training the dog is found be easy one moreover this dog actually tolerates the apartment dwelling, if provided you can also train the dog on the regular basis. If you will be away for long extended periods of time then it is not the better dog to choose because the herding nature of this dog is that it wants to be around the family and when it is separated from family then it becomes destructive and will suffer from the anxiety.

In addition to this the dog also requires the mental stimulation, so it is better to make buying dog products then and there, also it requires some kinds of exercise such as like long walks with family or a backyard to romp and run with the family. The dog can tolerate the heat and cold because it contains the long coat. You won’t be needing the best dog raincoat with a Old English Sheepdog. The Old English sheepdog will make a great family companion for about 10 to 12 years and the dog is of large size about 20 to 22 inches and the weighing about 60 to 100 pounds, with which the male dog will be heavier and larger.

Facts to be known before adopting the Old English sheepdog training

Before adopting any dog you must know some training facts about the dog only then you can train the dog with good behaviors. Likewise while adopting the Old English sheepdog you must know about the training facts of this dog which will help you train the dog with the good behaviors and look after the dog in a proper way. The following are the some of the training facts which you need to know about the Old English sheepdog. They are.

  • Coat

  • Temperament

  • Care

  • Training

  • Character

The Old English sheepdog is a working dog that was developed during 18th century and at the primary stage the dog was used to drive cattle and sheep to the market. With the bear like giant and shuffling, the weight of the sheepdog is about more than 55 pounds and it usually stands between 21 to 26 inches tall.

The Old English sheepdog is a large dog that is developed from the old herding dogs and this breed has been dubbed as the bobtail, since the tail of the dog docking was a custom in the old sheepdogs. You must make sure that you are buying dog products specifically made for the old English sheepdogs because only then you can get the better results from the dog in terms of health, behaviors and training, so try to purchase the branded products intently made for the sheepdog. Check out this website to learn more about dog products.

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