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The Old English sheepdog is a great consideration for the first time dog owning family. This is because of its sweet and friendly nature of a breed. Actually, this dog gets well along with the family members, other pets and also loves to be with any family. If any pets you wish to adopt, of course, the Old English sheepdog might be very friendly for you. Of course, this dog is brilliant adequate to be simple to maintain, train and also well tolerates apartment dwelling, if give some exercise or training on a routine basis. Due to the herding nature of an Old English sheepdog, it needs to be around a herd. If you separated this dog from its family too long, it can become vicious as well as suffer from separation anxiety.

Information about Old English sheepdog

Primarily, the old English sheepdog is a very big dog with a height of 20 to 24 inches and weigh over 60 pounds along with some weighing up to 100 pounds. They also have a hairy cover and it is bulky around the dog legs with a water-resistant and roughly soft underside. Their skull hair also shields or covers their eyes as like a natural pair of sunglasses. They are appearing grey to blue in color combined with copious quantities of white. They can also be looking in brown, but this is a standard one. Of course, the Old English sheepdog is a very stronger one with better stamina and also their common muscle shows that. Its main body is quite wide, short and muscular. They have an appearance of a dog that anyone can instantly fall in love with.

Most commonly, the Old English sheepdog do not have any extreme genetic issues, but they have a common thoroughbred problem of hip dysplasia. But, their minor issues are entropion and cataracts. The entropion is that when the eyelid curls into an eye and of course, this can cause extreme irritation of the eyes and also requires to be rectified by a veterinarian as soon as possible. When you are ready to adopt this sheepdog into your family, first of all, you need for buying dog products from the pet store according to the convenience of your adopted Old English sheepdog needs. When you own a pet, you have a responsibility to take care of them and also keep them very safe.

Facts you should know before adopting Old English sheepdog training

During the 18th century, the Old English sheepdog was developed and it could be considered as a working dog. They have been fundamentally used to drive cattle and sheep to the market by people. With a bear like gait and shuffling, this compact sheepdog weighs over 55 pounds and normally stands out between 21 to 26 inches tall. Before adopting this sheepdog, you must know its essential facts and training that includes:

  • Have moderately coated ears with thick and waterproof inner coat

  • Its activity has higher stamina and energy

  • It is adaptable, social, brilliant and friendly with children

  • Requires training session

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